Forgot the Flowers…..

the first path trudged by EB and myself….certainly not the last.

Remember 7th grade? Love notes, dances, fitting in, crushes, and the perpetual need to socialize with your agemates……and the telephone….so who do you call to ‘tell it all’? Dylan circa 66, Darryl Hall, or Jeff Tweedy when he was in pain?  I’ll get you close….Eric Bee, a charming sensationalist was looking for a soapbox and a guitar.  I’m glad he’s found it.  He tells us all what we want to hear and gives us something to think about after it’s been spoken.  EB’s solo release, “Forgot The Flowers”, splices R&B wire with birds on a wire that sings us all a true song.  An antique car that’s never been driven. Take this one on the road.  It’s got a good engine that kicks it along.  Driven hip-hop beats, little quips and zips, and moving stillness…like thinking real fast while you stand so still.   I still am.

Robert I. Eldridge aka EStatic

Producer “Forgot the Flowers”

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