Josh Egan-drums and EB -songs…

I dont have any!!!

josh (drummer on left) has the meolodic sensibility that you want in drummers.  he is very songcraft conscious.  when recording this new record we have to be aware of space and dynamics.  josh will vacate when needed and provide headroom within the track.  this will be vital in our approach.  we want to be able to add subtle beauty to EB’s songs.  we arent trying to replicate his previous works with elephant bones, which are outstanding btw. 

anyway….like i was mentioning, we are looking for mood, feel over form, in a blues-gospel musical manifesto kind of way.  I want to extract the nitty gritty and while leaving behind the 12 bar cliches that bind most blues-rock artists to the sterile mimicry.  i want to take this to the shed and put more dust on the floor next to the brooms and excess flower pots.  i actually have been listening to the new black crowes record “before the frost” (awesome btw), TRex, Stones (exile-let it bleed era), pavement (slanted…), acdc (dirty deeds), and Levon Helms/Band material to garner ideas.  Im always up for suggestions so give me a holler.

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