Ivan Albright – “Among Those Left”

this painter, ivan albright, is divine.  i wrote lyrics to describe “among those left”. image below…the painting left an impression on me.  it’s actually owned by Carnegie Institute, Museum of Art, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Accession Number: 49.24

Suzay Lamb has a cool blog with a great collection of American Art.


Big Jim Steele:

R. Ian Eldridge.

Big Jim Steele. drive shaft wheel. Starved pig’s squeal. Roadmap old. Stories told. Westward wind sure is cold. Crankshaft phone. No one home. Capital buildings with gold-topped domes. Work then die. What a way to walk through life. Time-punch card. Thick grass yard.  Blacksmith in his barn. Get yer momma some good wool yarn. Blue down coat. Protective moat. Keep you warm. Float your boat. Its molton hot on yer roll-out cot. A good 8 hours would hit the spot. X-tension cord. Antique ford. Power to the people who bear swords. Goodluck horseshoe. Midnight curfew. Won’t you belly-up and have a few. 100 degrees. Standing in soot clear to the knees. Carmel glass. Insulate gas. Fire in the basement. So cancel class. Underpaid like a blonde mermaid. Unemployed at the arcade. A balled-up car. A heelin’ tar. Go bomb the Bridge Too Far. It’s justa movie rated R. Shiney penny for a jar.

2 thoughts on “Ivan Albright – “Among Those Left”

  1. This is my grandpa. He came over from Germany through Ellis Island with his seven sons and daughter. He built his house for his family by creating a brick mold and then using the riverbank as his clay, Built his blacksmith shop and home brick by brick. He was one of the people that founded Warrenville, Illinois. His sons were founding members of the town. Families got together and all of us cousins, we all played at each others houses in a beautiful youth. His hard work and legacy live on today in many great and great great grandchildren

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