Plug in your Purrrfect Audio DAW… and start making music!

Attention Producers, Engineers and Songwriters

I wanted to give a shout out to one of best music resources out there.

Jim Roseberry


Click Here to Visit Jim's Site!

Jim has been a tremendous communicator and has shared his expertise with me over the past two years.  He has built my DAW and supplied me with a ton of drum and cymbal samples.  Sonic Planet Studios has progressed mostly because of his guidance and timely availability.  I strongly encourage you to visit or contact Jim if your looking to build your own home studio or build a beasty DAW with great samples!!

Purrrfect Audio, 1439 River Trail Dr, Grove City, OH  43123, Phone:  614-565-8924, E-mail:   



(DAWs) professionally since 1994.


In that time, we’ve sold/supported literally hundreds of machines.


Areas of expertise:

  • Audio Software and Hardware,
  • PC Operating Systems and Hardware
  • Audio Recording/Mixing/Production


Our Clients Include:
Sweetwater Sound – we’ve built hundreds of PC DAWs for their clients

Above Records – Rolling Stones, Neville Brothers

Cliff Cultreri – Kock Entertainment, Relativity (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai)

Nothing Studios – Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)

Billy Graham Ministries

Ted Perlman – Burt Bacharach, Chicago, Ike Turner, Dave Mason

Philip Cody – Huey Lewis, Neil Sedaka, Clay Aiken

MTV Latin America

Joel Diamond (composer) – The Believer, Dissident, Anima

Post M – Cirque Du Soleil

George Dugan – Miles Davis, McCoy Tyner, Regina Bell

Don Morrell – Jimmy Vaughn, Pretenders

Teddy Rausch – president of

Live Wire Inc. –  audio production/editing for NPR

Guy Babylon – Elton John

Broken Records – Rick Derringer

Don Bestor, and many more…


Drum and Cymbal samples:
Our acoustic drum/cymbal samples have been used on many professional

productions including commercials for the following companies:

Coca-Cola, Appleby’s (“Sugar Sugar”), Yoplait Yogurt (Itsy Bitsy Teeny

Weeny), Lion Auto Care (Japan), Ivory Liquid, Budweiser, Cascade, Minute 

Maid, Bonjour Jeans, Goya Beans, Perrier, Sprite, Duncan Hines, Yashica,

Penny’s, Burger King, Pearle Vision, Tide, Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks, A&P,

Snickers, Korean Airlines, Delmonte, Sunny Delight, Kenner Care Bears,

Downey, Bank One, Healthnet, Carl’s Jr., Kaiser Permanente, McDonald’s, etc.