new record- 1st session- total disaster!

so we got the drum tones friday night… josh’s dog bunker needed to be fed – it’s ten thirty- we walk out of the studio and…-there’s a fucking foot of snow…
we hike our jeep into 4 wheeler style and trek it home… transformers down, car wrecks, absolute shit- the end of the world.  after being diverted 23 times,  we arrive on some alice in winter wonderland back road- looking at trees that if you were on mushrooms you would have given up there.  telling you- that was the cream of the crop.  however, we were not on shrooms, josh and i are ‘fuck knows where’ on some back road full of 2 feet of snow with 2 transformers and 7 tree branches down in our path. totally cool. totally cool. we go around- we make due. by the way, to make things just a little bit more awesome- THE FUCKING GAS LIGHT IS ON.   we obviously play zeppelin as loud as possible, take a sip from our guiness’s (would that be guinesses’… fuck it- you get the point) and light 2 marlboro reds.  obviously.  we decide turning around is wrong- just go. we go. and we go. paved road comes. i say to josh, who is driving at the time, “josh- now do you have any idea where we are?”   “WE’RE ON A PAVED ROAD.”

the out-of-no-where paved road led us to a BP.  we got gas and arrived to the brothers egan (josh and his brother john live in dormont P.A.- so did the quarterback from the oakland raiders…  this comparison is up to you).  it was  2 hours later… meanwhile, my folks have given up- booked a room at the super 8 because our whole neighborhood was without power, heat, 17 stacks of firewood, and/or an acoustic e. bones show.

it was awesome.   seriously- crazy awesome.  there were drifts or plowed piles that were 5 or 6 feet- snow up to my waist in spots- digging your car out was a serious endeavor! our recording day turned into rescue day and all we did was shovel snow for people.  we thought it was the end of the world- which we enjoyed- EVERYONE WAS WORKING TOGETHER.

we were driving around drinking guiness with shovels and smoke was pouring from every window- everyone knows;  YOU ARE NOT GETTING PULLED OVER IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY- DRINK AND HELP PEOPLE- atleast that was our motto.  almost 3 hours later we arrived back to a spot that usually takes 15 minutes  to get to.

josh’s 12 year old pup named bunker was so excited to see him, holding his kennywood stuffy in his gob.  his confusion set in and we ate biscuits and food and tried to figure out a place where he could poop.  the snow really became bunky’s constipation.  poor guy didn’t know where to let one fly.  josh just kept taking him out and let bunk get his feel for a frozen asshole.

josh is a really great dog owner and i find it charming- especially cause he’s a great drummer/ all-around musician and he hates the fucking world- just like me…  but in this crises- everyone worked together and it made us happy. it was like bunker was everyone and everyone knew. we are all out to help bunker because bunker will never stop loving anyone. is bunker god? that’s up to you… again.


the recording is set up. drum tones are almost there- natural… mick fleetwood or charlie watts or even a gary young feel… gonna be brutal and real.   we are rescheduling, and, even though we hear that 8 more inches of powder white is coming on tuesday, we are determined that absolutely nothing can stop us now;

we is bunker.

our drool must be heard.

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