We Like the Buffet…News from Sonic Planet Studio feat. Elephant Bones

i guess i shouldve been updating you a little more frequently.  having fried ears doesnt really provide an adequate excuse to not writing about the first couple days in the studio, with www.elephantbones.com. Progress is a key ingredient in song stew.  Eric Bee brought a bag full of groceries to the kitchen and we chowed down.  After a few Absinthe (Strong68) servings (our choice of chaser for straub and guinness) we were off and running.  We recorded drums for tracks, “i’m the dog” , “mr. lo”, “teeth of the beast” in addition to some overdubs on early demos of “wordplay” and “ghetto blaster”.  Drums sound good.  We covered the spectrum with a Rode as an overhead and a shure beta 58 on the kick.  We were able to capture a real live sound…think early acdc. We decided we need a solid click track for various reasons.  So after walking through the buffet line we determined some things don’t sit in the stomach too well.  Tonight we come in starved and ready to set the tone for the record….which is presently being called “kicking you anyday”.  I suspect our focus group will narrow down the option menu this evening.  I personally would like to go the americana route and with all the bells and whistles.  How cool would it be to have the robinson brothers (black crowes) plugged in with jonny greenwood and tom yorke (radiohead)?….it’s a hybrid christmas morning experience.   Anyway, as stated earlier progress is the ingredient we’re hanging our fedora’s on.  Break out the Martin…..fellas we’re rollin.


btw we have some dope video footage of eric bee diving over a 6 foot snow bank….reggie bush style…..who dat?  elephant bones is dat.


Eldge…the audiorat.

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