top 3 records… by eric bee

i like the question… however, it is so hard to pin down your top 3.  i’ve been thinking about this for a few days now and it keeps getting harder and harder to actually decipher what my 3 “desert island discs” would be.  with so many coming to mind such as;

moondance (van the man), yankee hotel foxtrot (wilco), straight outta compton (NWA), jailbreak (thin lizzy), keep it like a secret (built to spill), wowee zowee (pavement), or even pig lib (malkmus/ jicks), nevermind (nirvana), revolver (beatles), pauls boutique (beasties), evil empire (rage), highway 61 revisited (dylan), exile (stones), or even elephant (white stripes)… the list goes on and on… however, the question isn’t how big your list is- it’s what’s your 3.  so, i’m just going to say the 3 that are in my head right now that i can and am listening to over and over again at this point of my life.  here they are;

3. BONE MACHINE- TOM WAITS  (this record is so dark and dreamy and the writing is superb.  it would be a safe bet to put most, if not all, waits records into a top-whatever list.  he’s a legend.)

2. WHITE ALBUM- THE BEATLES (roll 2 joints, smoke one on the first disc and the other on the second.  life as you know it will become something different entirely.  masterpiece.)

1. ELECTRIC WARRIOR- T. REX (from mambo sun to it’s a rip off with bang a gong, lifes a gas and just-as-tasty hits in between- (in my opinion…) marc bolan made 3 chord glam rock better and more fun than any i’ve ever heard.  you could also go with the slider as a top pick.  this is my favorite band and who else should get the number one spot?- T. REX- we miss thee.) 

good contest rob.  keep em coming.   -eb

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