Art and Lyric Series by Rob Ian Eldridge

I thought i’d share some artwork and lyrics from a project I did 10 years ago.  The project was called “Detour”.  It lived up to the billing because I decided to put as much time into the art as I did the song.  The lyrics, in my opinion, stand on their own.  The artwork was a combination of mostly collage and pen and ink.  I took some photos, mostly stills from many places.  I’ll summarize as we progress.

Bonfire Angel

I was hoping you could read the lyrics and and see the image.  So all is good as I plow through the rest of these.  Bonfire Angel was inspired by religion, “break the chains at old tartos…take a little sheol along the trip..” and by the sculpture by Takashi Murakami

Rock and Roll Conductor

This was simply about forming a rock and roll band which I had recently just done.  The flower photo was taken and glued on art paper.  I used colored markers and black fine tip pens to complete the piece.

Head On

Head On is a track that portrays the struggle between love and pride. The artwork was inspired by the image of the face above and I just completed the piece using colored pens and a little imagination.  Like the rose in his pocket?

Ken Kesey

“Ken Kesey” was influenced by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and mental illness. I remember the music fit nicely with the image. I was listening to a lot Sparklehorse at the time.  Ironically, Mark Linkous took his life this year.  Losing his own bout with the “302”, the police code number for an involuntary admit to a mental hospital or mental illness.  Again here you see the collage approach with a photo of Kesey. Lyrics tell a sad story.

Film To Video

“Film To Video” is a fun tune depicting the movie star lifestyle.  I cut the image out of a brochure from the Carnegie Museum Of Art Current Exhibitions | Carnegie Museum of Art

Greenock Scot

Greenock Scot is about the legendary pirate, Will Kid and his romps and escapades during the very late 1600’s.  Water is from some mag i’m sure… with the rest coming from my pen.


This piece is very abstract in comparison to the lyric.  The images are partial drawings and collages.  The words are simply expressing simplicity of a task. Which in this case is, oral sex.  The character needed a little help in doing so….so just walkmethruit. Simple beat, guitar and harmonica and crooner vox.

Carnival “yellow maze”

Completed this piece in December 2001.  Love the track.  I was very happy with the instrumentation and final mix. Mainly because it was recorded on a 8 track.  The lyrics are simple wordplays.  The art fall along the same theme, collage-pen & ink.  I like the little dancer in the hair of the character above.


Moviola is a device that allows a film editor to view film while editing.

This song/piece brings back memories.  I recorded the song on an out of tune stand up piano.  Great groove.  My attempt at cursive writing shown above.  I still believe a transient man is lean.

Telepathic Wishing Well

I guess the lyric says it all….it doesn’t matter if your telepathic if you have a wishing well.  Thought provoking? yes indeed.  I took the picture of the aluminum-like sofa at Carnegie Museum of Art, in Pittsburgh PA. Great drum beat and I particularly like the image of the TV’s on wooden stands.

Beds, Doors, and Windows

“BDW” was graphically inspired by radiohead.  I was completely enthralled by “ok computer” and the imagery of their band.  The music doesn’t assume the same influence base.  It’s a slow mover.  The door hinges are cut out from a mag and the numbered rooms from something else I picked from the trash.  This is always a head scratcher for those who take a peek.

TV Poet

TV Poet has many audio versions.  None of which I’m completely satisfied with, but I will eventually will complete the song.  The artwork above was completed in February of 2002.  The detailed pen work touches off the partial house collage. A simple love song is all we need sometimes.

Reflect It

“Reflect It” was written, like many songs, under my moniker “EStatic”. Weird in an industrial sort of way.  The bandaids over the mouth symbolize the meaning of the song.  Reflect in another way.  In this case…no voice or sound.  Write or create in some other way.  The irony here is that I never did sing these words.  As you see the face is essentially a lightbulb depicting the idea. Wires in the mirror power the vanity being oppressed.  The whole piece is a struggle in my mind.

Old Fashioned Fear

Madmoiselle Zig Zag was a B17 bomber flown in WWII I think….or maybe I made that up.  Regardless, the song is about the relationship between pilot and plane.  The photo I took from an actual flight from Burlington Vermont to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Great cloud cover that day. The cirrus clouds really bring out the plane and for some reason I like to draw frames around drawings.  The song would fit nicely on an Oasis album.

I hope you enjoy the post.  If you have any comments or questions about the Art and Lyric Series please feel free to contact me.


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