The Irony Of The Blues and Jubilation

Call it audio osmosis- 1972…I was 4 years old. My dad owned all the hip vinyl…Elvis, Fab Four, The Who, Zimmy and all the other best works from the UK and Americana.  Blues fueled rock and roll wasn’t viewed too favorably and it’s indiscretions made bad impressions, but man it stole my heart. As I listen to the reissue of  Exile On Main Street many memories flood my process.  The VW van, post hippy gatherings and great sounds. My folks and a party were synonymous for a good span.  I benefited tremendously from such bell-bottomed experiences.

The irony here was dichotomy between celebration and the blues.  The blues influenced music of this era elicited jubilation and everyone was taking a drink from the “Loving Cup”.  Much like the 12 bar progression people were transcended by the interpretations of the blues by such artists like Dylan, The Stones, Led Zep, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Elvis, Hendrix, Canned Heat, The Animals and so many others. What a soundtrack I grew up to in a quasi-commune that arose in Vermont in the late 1970s. The musical tree of life that provided shade and happiness germinated from the troubles experienced within the African American society.  Hopefully we all can give back a period of happiness to the next generation.  Maybe we all should find a way to complete the circle between blues and jubilation. Thanks Dad.

Bob Eldridge Pencil Drawings of Bluesmen on my 1972 Telecaster

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