A Lucky Faze In LA?….Not For Lisa Marie Summerscales

ACTOR….a bit player, comedian, ham, headliner, impersonator, soubrette, stand-in, star, thespian, entertainer, character. However you want to describe her Lisa Marie Summerscales knew she wanted invoke some sort of emotion from people since the third grade. She is inspired by storytellers and this promising 22 year old has her own story to tell. You have to make the most of your opportunities in any facet of life.  We all have a path to follow. The path that leads from my house, directly across the street, just so happens to lead to Lisa’s parent’s house in Pittsburgh PA.  I’ve known LMS for a couple years and figured it was time for the Steelesque Movement to kick start an eventual great story in the making. LMS is currently living in Los Angeles, California and in her short time there has seized substantial opportunities while becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.  She recently was on set for two major upcoming films Water For Elephants and Bridesmaids.  She did background for both films and was featured in Bridesmaids. Shall we get into a little Q & A with the Ohio Native, Ms. Summerscales.
Steelesque Movement (SM)When did you know you wanted to act?
Lisa Marie Summerscales (LMS)- since the third grade…did my first play..best christmas pageant ever and I played Emma Jean.
(SM)So you’ve always kind of known that you wanted to pursue acting and the entertainment industry?
(LMS)- actually in college I tried to talk myself out of it and pursue a career better suited to feed myself in so I studied biology and organizational communication as well as political science but figured I didn’t want to be bitter all my life…I decided once I got into the theater school at Ohio University and completed 4 years there and I added a business minor along the way.
(SM)- I know you have a lot of influences and I’m sure your Mom, Dad and Brother are primary influences…but let’s stray away from that and stay on the artistic theme…who are your artist influences?
(LMS) well i’d have to say ever since I saw the play Les Miserables was the first big musical I saw and I’m not a musical actor but that show really inspired me.  Its actually about the stories I hear and the need to tell those stories that inspires me. Obviously, I’d have to go with Meryl Streep…she’s just one of the best story tellers of her time. I’ve always admired her and Robin Williams.
(SM) his comedic sense is second to none
(LMS)-yea he just knows how to make people laugh and I’ve always wanted to do that….and make people cry and sort of invoke some sort of emotion. The inspiring stories are really what makes me want to act.
(SM)- So you might end up being a writer someday? You want to pen a story
(LMS)- I have written a bit
(SM)- So what are your goals both immediate and long term?
(LMS)– Right now move into my apartment in LA and being able to pay my own bills!! I’m looking for an agent right now and want to make into my first feature in November…which is a huge goal! I’d like to have a speaking role this year. I really want to be respected in this industry and receive awards. I want to be appreciated and be a house-hold name. That’s what I really want.

(SM)- You’ve been fortunate enough to be working with some big hitters right now
(LMS)- yea I have worked on Judd Apatow‘s next movie by doing background and standing in.  Clayton Townshend actually got me the job and I owe so much to him. It was actually a crazy story how I met Clayton…we were at Grauman’s Square putting our hands in all the handprints and I found Meryl Streep’s which were a perfect match..
(SM)- Your destined….same size hands as Meryl!
(LMS)- well the Zoro reenactor was driving me a little nuts and asking for money to have my picture with him…after I gave him a quarter to leave me alone he asked where I was from and I explained Ohio and as I walked away Clayton Townshend asked where I was from and when I said Ohio he said he was also and asked me what I was doing in LA….I explained I was trying to decide between NY and LA.  He mentioned he worked in the business here and there and would let me know if something came up. We became Facebook friends and as I walked away, my friend Sam, who’s in post-production mentioned that he was kinda a big deal and when I IMDb’d him I almost fainted. He’s been the producer of so many movies I loved throughout the years (Funny People, Year One, Knocked Up, Any Given Sunday, Nixon, JFK, Natural Born Killers, The Doors) so I feel really honored to be getting to know such an influential person in the industry like Clayton…..
(SM)- Isn’t it funny how Meryl Steeps handprint lead you to that contact…that’s a story in itself!!
(LMS)-yea that contact is the reason why I moved out so soon…and when I graduated in May I came out and he set me up.
(SM)- awesome story…ok a couple crazy questions for you before we conclude…what would be your stranded on a deserted island CD’s and Movies? You can pick three each.
(LMS)- hmmm my 3 CD’s…I would probably have to have Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits to fit along with the island theme and my Jamaican roots…this is tough maybe a Beatles Album….like the Beatles White album and then maybe Noah and The Whale.  I’d take the Into the Wild Soundtrack too!
(SM)- yea Eddie Vedder was great on the that! So what DVD’s do you take?
(LMS)– “Dumb and Dumber!!!”
(SM) -Fantastic!!
(LMS)- and “Love Actually” with Liam Neeson and I really love “UP”….I’d have to stay with an uplifting theme and they all bring back good memories.

(SM)- Ok last question Lisa…what has been your most memorable moment in LA? I’m sure you were pretty awestruck when you went to lunch with Clayton.
(LMS)-the lunch was great….I got the opportunity to make Christoph Waltz and Robert Pattinson laugh before they were about to engage in a fight scene. When I was on the set for Water For Elephants I was pretty much awestruck being in the same room as Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon two Academy Award winners and actors I respect and what girl wouldn’t want to be in the same room as Robert Pattinson. So we had a moment where I introduced myself  to the assistant director who continued to put me in front of the camera which lined me up to be right next to Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz and Christoph looks at me…it’s a fight scene and he says, “miss I’m so sorry for the despicable array of violence your about to see” as he was about to beat up Robert Pattinson and I said, “Christoph just do what you have to do” and Robert was so taken aback that someone would say something like that to him that they both start laughing
(SM)- So you might have some sort of influence on the scene…
(LMS)-it was great just getting to speak with them and be in the same room with them.  The most incredible part is watching them all work together and being in the background I’ve been able to make all kinds of connections with people and with like 200 people running around I think I still stood out which is cool.
(SM)– I think that has to do with your personality and I noticed that about you ….you’re a very lovable person and you have good parents to guide you and remind you where you come from which is so important in becoming who you are
(LMS)– yea for sure…being from the midwest kinda helps me and I never would’ve thought many people from Ohio would be in LA but there really is a solid base of midwest people.  I don’t I could ever forget who I am it’s just not in my personality…I’m pretty down to earth.
(SM)- Thanks a lot Lisa
(LMS) yea sure thank you…
Interview was conducted by Rob Eldridge, July 28 2010 2:37pm
Listen to the track below

11 thoughts on “A Lucky Faze In LA?….Not For Lisa Marie Summerscales

  1. wow nice to see another Summerscales in the acting/ screen world. My brother was in films in the 60’s/ 70’s and my Daughter is with English National ballet company. My wife & i Run a theatre/dance school here in Surrey England.
    All the best Lisa Marie.
    Enjoy what you do and be true to yourself.

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