Some Words of Advice

Sit down, sit back, settle in.  This is existence:

If it can’t happen- it will.  So, don’t try to predict.

When the disappointment comes (and it will) face it head on.

Don’t be who they want you to be, be who you want to be, defy convention.

When the weight gets too heavy to carry (and it will) throw it in their lap.

Look your enemies straight in the eye,

And when a friend stabs you in the back (and they will) never replicate the action.

Give your heart only pieces at a time and when you find the right ones to trade with,

their pieces will help you re-grow (and it will).

Feed your mind as well as your body and don’t forget the spirit needs nourished too.

Take in and revel in your senses,

You never know when you will lose them (and you will).

Try to know the difference between love and lust.

And when you figure it out, try to never lose the distinction (and you will).

When you figure out what love is, write it down and sell it

You’ll be richer in more ways than one.

Never let your significant others forget the good, but always forgive the bad.

Live among the little people, they appreciate what is real.

Never lose your inner child, once you do there is no going back.

Don’t sin against the Earth, she is your Mother and should be treated with respect.

Never hate your family no matter how much they hurt you (and they will).

The hills with the hardest climb have the best view,

Don’t let a little adversity take away your just rewards.

Love more than your mind allows, and your heart will compensate.

Have belief in something, and try not to lose it (and you will).

But remember, you have the power to rediscover it.

Never forget to dream (and you will).

But, get it back and they can be realized.

Beware the advice of those who came before you (and you will),

For the truth sometimes hurts.

-A. Welding

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