Big Ben Gets Screwed??

According to Washington Post Writer Mike Wise Commissioner Roger Godell will reduce Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s six game suspension to five games.  Sources aren’t revealed, and this is not an official announcement by any means. But Steelers fans should understand that it being reduced to five games is a huge difference than it being too reduced to four games.  If it is only reduced to five games Ben Roehtlisberger would not be able to practice until after the Steelers fifth regular season game which is after week six.  He would not be able to be with team during its bye week after week four.   If this is the case Ben Roehlisberger would be scheduled to make his return on October 24, 2010 against the Miami Dolphins.  The Steelers would have five games without him and six total weeks of practice.

Commissioner Godell has made it clear that Ben has done everything he has asked for, that is why many people will find the reduction to five games confusing. Many believe four is what is fair, but ultimately it is in the commissioners hands.  The Steelers and Steelers nation is holding their breath to find out.  A reduction to only five games may be too much for the Steelers to overcome to make a playoff push in the upcoming season.

by Ashok Chandrasekaran

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