Steelesque Gives BrooWhah Some Artistic Flair

I’ve recently published some articles on BrooWaha. It’s a cool concept and their summary provides you with an idea of how it all works. It’s basically citizen journalism…and is the concept of members of the public “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information”.

BrooWaha     What’s up at the Broo?

What’s a Broo? A talented member, of a diverse group of writers & creators who share views, news & stories about life on this planet, with adventurous their readers.

Journalism is the art and practice of providing people with the information they need to be free. But in our world much of professional journalism has become industrialized, trivialized, and monetized — far more concerned with ratings, circulation and return on investment, than the stuff of freedom.

Citizen journalism is the art and practice of sharing information with each other. Citizen journalists are artisans who work in the unshaped clay of events before perception has been hardened, glazed and fired in the kilns of public discourse.

BrooWaHa is a community of citizen journalists and engaged, interested readers. We write as journalists intent on honing our craft. We read and discuss and evaluate as citizens who intend to remain free.

Broowaha is an open community of Writers, Reporters, Authors and Engaged Readers – citizen journalists and creative writers who contribute articles on timely, provocative topics and creative works together with engaged members who love to read and interact with the writing Community. It is a place where you can find interviews with interesting people from around the world who are making news and impacting our environment. We’re more than just news, analysis and opinion. Creative writers have a place here too for showcasing their latest works.

Maybe you want to write about something light and interview an indy-band, review an art exhibit or the new coffee shop in town. We have sections for city and night life and culture for that. If you’d rather use Broowaha to expose the powers that be, in the politics section you can point out the good policies or stupidity of local politicians or provide analysis that might improve the bureaucratic nightmare experience at your DMV.

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