Words and Images From Sonic Planet Studios

How does one capture sound with a photograph?  Thus was my dilemma when visiting Planet Studios, home of The Steelesque Movement.  When the owner and operator of the studio asked me to take some shots of a session I was intrigued and intimidated.  Sure, I had been at the studio plenty of times and even recorded a few tidbits that will probably never see the light of day. But, as a budding photographer in the new age of blogging and sharing, I was not quite sure if I was up to the task of capturing the moment.

Photo by Alan Welding

I need not have worried.  All the inspiration came from the room and its occupants. Ian Eldge has an easy smile and a style that exudes confidence with humility.  From my first time meeting him I felt a kindred spirit in creativity.  His hands are in everything and he shuns no medium or means of inspiration.  His vision with the blog, The Steelesque Movement, is to gather creative types and expose their work and also encourage collaboration. The session I witnessed was just one of many that Eldge has conducted in living proof of that vision.  In the process of mastering his new CD, Johnny On The Spot, the songwriter was working with drummer/vocalist/musician extraordinaire Josh Egan on some vocal tracks.  The beauty of the moment was being a fly on the wall during the creative process.

Photo by Alan Welding

When two musicians understand their approach to the craft as well as these two do, it is inspiring for anyone in their presence.  The banter and argumentation that goes into finding that note, that groove, that pitch, to combine the sought after sound is no easy task.

Photo By Alan Welding

I attempted to capture not only their conversation but the elements that surrounded them. What I felt was layers and textures, as well as moods, and color.  I hope some, if not all, of these pictures captured the experience.

Photo by Alan Welding

Alan Welding – Photographer http://aweldingphoto.com/blog/

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