Coal Keeps The Lights On In The Steelesque Camp

Steelesque is now in a holding pattern with the “Johnny On The Spot” project. The EP features Ian Eldge, Josh Egan, Eric Bee and Mick Lykens. We’ve recorded 6 tracks. Here’s a sample of one track we cut..

Grammy Award Winning Producer, Jimmy Hoyson, has reached out to Steelesque after listening to a demo. We are collectively reaching out to GetHip Records.  So we are sitting tight and exploring our best options in relation to publishing and distribution.

In the meantime I’ve written two more tracks and Josh Egan has written 4-5 new cuts. Josh’s new cuts are ear tinglers. Somewhere between the Beach Boys and The Shins. Eric Bee is killing it in Austin, Texas with Whitey On The Moon and Mick Lykens is shredding the club circuit in NY and Vermont.

I’ve also been mixing the soundtrack to “Coal Keeps The Lights On” a musical-film by Adam Taylor of Galaxy 454.  Here’s a sample track (Coal Tycoon) from the soundtrack.  I’ve been fortunate to view the early works of this musical film by Taylor. It will be spectacular!

Here’s a clip from “Adam Taylor’s Dracula” filmed in Pittsburgh that features Eric Bee.

Also i’ve been re-working a script called “Hoopie, Townie and A Raconteur” with Alan Welding (blogger, photographer with Pittsburgh Music Magazine) Below is a scene..w some slight edits. This is a family friendly blog after all.

INT. HOOPIE’S WEST VIRGINIA APARTMENT – MORNING (First scene after the credits) “HOOPIE” AKA Douglas Hooperton, 25, West Virginia native is wakened by smash-clatter sound of dishes and his girlfriend’s complaining. Their 2-bedroom rental home is plodded in bucolic bliss. A WV wooded getaway with nothing much to do. HOOPIE lies on the couch, disheveled, wearing last evenings clothes. He raises his head and acknowledges his girlfriend’s forthcoming tirade.

HOOPIE’S GIRLFRIEND Gregory Lynn Hooperton would you get your worthless-lazy-drunk but off from that couch and be a productive piece of flesh for once! I can’t believe you actually educate the youth of America. I thought you were supposed do more before 8am before most do all day. What a joke!

HOOPIE -“F” me. (appears to be hungover, unkempt and disoriented)

HOOPIE’S GIRLFRIEND I heard that! And it’s not going to be anytime soon! I made you breakfast would you like some?

HOOPIE Yea that’d be awesome.

HOOPIE’S GIRLFRIEND Good then you can get it out of the disposal cos that’s were it is! (disposal sound) Tried to wake you up 4 hours ago! It’s goddamn 1:30 in the afternoon…you go out with your buddies…. (voice trails off as hoopie walks upstairs)

INT. HOOPIE’S MAN CAVE – AFTERNOON Hoopie’s man cave is very eclectic with a circular table with concert ticket stubs displayed under the glass. Guitars with rock memorabilia are hanging on the walls. An Army photo of Hoopie sitting in a truck filled with missiles, electrical equipment, wires etc. Also a laptop with recording equipment is in view. Hoopie reaches in his pocket and lights up a cig from the previous night. A cloud of smoke encircles an Army Recon poster that reads “swift, silent and deadly”.

HOOPIE’S GIRLFRIEND Can you at least function enough to clean out the birdcage Ranger?? I have to do everything around here for christsakes… (her voices trails off) Hoopie sits on the couch and opens the birdcage and reaches for a small hand vacuum at his feet. Just then his pet Cockatoo flies out into the hallway.

HOOPIE Oh shoot…noo…goddamit!! (he stands and attempts to catch bird) Get in the cage you little bast*rd. (with realization in his voice) Ohh motherf……Babe where’s Axl!!?? In slow motion the bird is tragically stopped by their bouncing and stupid dog “Axl”.

HOOPIE screams “nooooooo” just as Axl snatches the bird, from mid air, lands and shakes his head vigorously. Hoopie’s girlfriend immediately enters and breaks into hysterics. Hoopie sits back in the chair and loud commotion is reduced to a grumbling drone and eventually just a low ringing. He stares upward to see feathers slowly descending toward him in a sporadic circular motion.

FADE IN. EXT. WOODED AREA – HOOPIE’S BACKYARD – EVENING In an ominous scene Hoopie appears with a shoe box and army issued spade and walks into a wooded area, drops the shoe box and begins to dig a hole. Axl looks on curiously. He drops shoe box in the hole, sits on log and takes a swig of WV grain alcohol from a small bottle. He pours some on the shoe box.

HOOPIE Well mister feathers (in a latin phrasing and chanted while motioning the cross with bottle) My father has more dominoes than yours does. Stands and picks up the spade and buries the hole and then leans on the shovel. Wipes his forehead.

HOOPIE (Looking at Axl) How much of her bullsh*t can we endure? At this point I’d rather go back to the desert. Screw this and screw her. Pack your stuffy and bones old boy we’re heading north to take that teaching gig.

EXT. HIGHWAY – DRIVING NORTH TO PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – DAY It’s 7am as Hoopie approaches Pittsburgh PA in his Chevy Nova. Kings Of Leon’s “Radioactive” plays in the background. The year ‘2010’ appears on the screen.

HOOPIE: F-ing Panthers.

Til next time…off to the studio.


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