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Pittsburgh resident Rob Eldridge hails from Swanton, Vermont, but he brings a little more old England than New England to his musical efforts. On the EP release under Eldridge’s pseudonym ‘Steelesque’, Eldridge sets a funked up Rolling Stones, Stereophonics, The Faces, Pearl Jam lovechild that has a unique sound with a familiar ring to it.
The effort rolls out with ‘I Got Mine’ that has a smooth rhythm and raunchy feel. With outstanding lyrical sense, Eldridge can pull off lines such as, “I aint been known to kiss and tell” with a tongue in cheek mischevious humor. The track also features flowing guitar work with ‘that crunch’ feel as well. The studio work really pays off with great vocal backings and pure mix. Switching gears a bit, ‘Life Fast Wheel’ is almost a “dancy” changing pace from the opening track and shows the amount of versatility ‘Steelesque’ possesses. The tune…

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