Beautiful Record. Read my review.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine

released 24 February 2012
Recorded by Matt Wignall
Additional recording by Luke Vander Pol
Mixed by Luke Vander Pol
Mastered by TW Walsh
*vinyl mastered by Paul Gold

I looked for the ship early this morning. Upon first sight it grabbed me with both hands. The vessel survived the weekend woes and walked ashore with sea legs. The three person crew introduced themselves as “Deep Sea Diver“. Their explorations proved to be worthy as they unveil a treasure chest of fantastic sounds coined “History Speaks“.  Jessica Dobson has something in her as a songwriter. She exudes a fragile confidence in her craft of creating. Many of us watched her cut her teeth with the likes of The Shins, Beck and Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a guitarist. I believe Dobson should be described as a ‘melodist”.  I don’t even know if that word exists but I’m running…

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