thank you to a fantastic Australian writer name Lisa Thatcher. Check out her work.

Lisa Thatcher

According to the bands website, Steelesque originally started with the idea of bringing together musicians (unique sounds) to share ideas. This seemed to have worked, because two musicians decided to stay – it seems after all the beer and chips ran out.  Rob Eldrigdge (who conceived of the original idea) and  drummer Josh Eagen. Together they wrote Johnny On The Spot, a six song EP that births a certain sort of sound that combines roots and influences against a retro template that comes up with a very Pittsburgh sound that could also be from almost anywhere. Because the original idea is multiplicity of sounds, Eldridge and Eagen invite, collaborate and allow unique ‘other’ sounds to inform the bands overall aesthetic.  The tunes are, in this interesting way, imbued with characterization that defies specific genre adherence. The sound ends up being a homage to rock itself, while also being an…

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