Steelesque Prepares A Special Night For Fans At Club Cafe

Well we just finished a whirl wind three week span with fantastic shows sprinkled with magic. Not all is perfect in the realm of rock and roll but that’s what makes it what it is. It’s been a great experience meeting cool promoters, fans and club owners. We’ve stretched our sound into different demensions. The live stage asks you to explore. Steelesque is obliged to take upon such. Rough and ready rock and roll can be lush. The palette can be soft and warble. My crew’s so good and my fleet don’t lie.

We look forward to the next circuit as the buzz must be fed. Thank you Thunderbird Cafe, Altar Bar, James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy, Garfield Artworks and The Shadow Lounge.

We will be announcing some incredible news in the next week. 

Presently, we are going through some cool set ideas for our May 3rd show at Club Cafe. The very talented  A. G. Levine will take the stage at 7pm sharp followed by Pittsburgh’s own Steelesque from 7:45-9pm.

Club Cafe



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