Chasing The Sounds – New Record Update 1

The moment you realize the ghost of great sounds stands between you and the music you hear in your head.  I have a strong affinity to music and tones from a traditional standpoint. Meaning that the music mixed and engineered by the sonic greats (Glyn Johns, Tom Dowd, Phil Spector, Nile Rodgers, Brian Eno, George Martin, Brian Wilson, Rick Rubin, T-Bone, Lee Scratch Perry) has leaked into my soul.  So we are chasing the sounds through the analog woods with digital engines.


Steelesque is tracking our new record in Weirton, WV.  We have completely occupied a house owned by our percussionist, Ronnie Castellucci.  I’ve stolen ideas through past experiences and present day experimenting.  I think it’s safe to say the foundation of any record, with any rhythmic elements, needs good sounding drums.  I’ve managed to capture, from what I think, a solid sound starting point.


I’ve used a hybrid of the Glyn Johns micing technique and added room microphones. If you’ve worked with Logic X you know the track replacement feature is quite amazing in producing beautiful organic drum sounds. The guitars and bass are going straight into an Apogee Ensemble Interface, which is unbelievable at converting analog sounds into a warm sounding tracks.  The guitars will be overdubbed using only vintage small watt amps and classic guitars.  Our Studio B area houses our mandolin and percussion sounds, that are merely providing reference sounds while tracking the drums.  They will also be recorded at a later time.  My idea is push the boundaries with this record and create sounds classic in nature but progressive in thought.


We are currently working on two songs: Bury Them Bones which teeters on the T Rex palette with early Stones-Iggy Pop attitude and a song called Seeking & Hiding. S&H is more of a songwriters work up that carries Neil Young overtones with Black Crowes delivery.

We’ve coined our new record – Toro Toro Sessions.  We collectively discuss our ideas outside our recording space.  We usually park ourselves near two Toro lawnmowers.  That’s the inside folks.

Reference Records Presently: Wilco-Star Wars, Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color, White Denim- D, Dylan and The Band Basement Tapes.

I’ll keep you all posted with what’s shaking in the WV Sonic Planet Studios.

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