Dancing With Fortuna – New Record Update 3

I consider myself lucky to be immersed into a project with so much positive energy.  Its should be without mention that, Ron Castellucci, our faithful percussionist has created a home for the band.  He started the evening off with a home cooked meal for the guys.  We ate like kings (the Italian variety) and played records (Humble Pie Smokin’, Traffic Welcome To The Canteen etc).


Bruce Virtue and I were early to the session so we thought we’d make some drum edits to “Time Won’t Let You”.  A song about a Vermont boy that has a middle bridge guitar solo that builds through until the last verse.  It needed a little love.  We achieved dynamic correction and moved on.


The rest of the guys arrived and we got right to it.  Over the course of 3 hours we were able to track drums for Keith Lights A Cigarette, Ms Daisy, Mon River and Bury Them Bones. Mon River was redo as was Bones. We felt we had better takes in us and that assumption proved spot on. Both re-takes were stellar and definite keepers. Keith Lights A Cigarette is a tune about mister Keith Richards himself.  We have nailed this song on most takes and last night we didn’t disappoint and Ms. Daisy was in the hamper after our third go.

E and Jer

Tech talk: I cannot express how efficient the process has been.  The sounds in the headphones have progressed and sound full of energy. Often times a difficult thing to achieve.  The song template has certainly evolved over the past couple weeks. The Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt has changed the game. As I mentioned in earlier posts we record 10 tracks simultaneously with zero latency or compromise.  We often are using a series of plug-ins on each track and moderate chain on the stereo out and drum bus. Looking forward to digging into these tracks today.


We’ve been blessed with presence of Joe Castellucci, RonJon’s brother.  He has spearheaded the AV/Photography portion of the sessions.  His knowledge is unparalleled along with his “dive in” personality.  We can’t thank him enough for what he’s added to creative aspects of The Toro Toro Sessions. He is part of our family!


We sit on two more songs. The ever elusive Waive It and the epic journey of a tune called Price Of Your Toll. Waive It always poses a challenge rhythmically because when played with the varied syncopation it takes on a different life of it’s own and has considerable pop appeal.  While Price Of Your Toll maybe the staple song of the project and will be treated as such.

Thanks to Joe Castellucci for taking some great photos last night.  Happy New Year from Steelesque. We hope you had a blessed Christmas and or Holiday.

Sealed In Wax,


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