Seeing The Light – New Record Update 4

Sometimes the price of your toll costs you one.  With one song remaining we can see the light.  If you’ve been following our progress then you would know that we are recording the songs live and keeping the best drum takes.  We feel we’ve captured the essence of the band with this approach.  Our last remaining song is called, “Price Of Your Toll”. It is one our strongest tunes with crossover appeal in the genres of bluesy-americana and alt country rock. Below is the song performed live.

We are confident we will begin tracking guitars and bass after this weekend.  The plan is to record guitars and bass simultaneously so we can set up some room mics to capture the fullness.  This will give the overall mix expansion and allow it to breathe.  The cabinets will also mic’d. The luxury of recording independently is the ability to experiment and try new techniques. We also understand that we would most likely be able produce some high quality tracks in some of the fine recording studios in Pittsburgh and WV areas.


Our goal is record as much material as we write and establish a large catalog of music for our fans, family and mostly us. Our creativity will not commandeered by looming studio costs. Songs are songs… and will have the legs to stand if captured in their honest form. Our monies will continue to be invested in the band to build our brand and rehearsal/recording studio assets.


The band would like to also recognize the amazing talent that left our world, David Bowie.  He has sprinkled his stardust upon all us.  RIP.

Sealed In Wax,


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