Toro Toro Sessions – Steelesque

The Toro Toro Sessions have gone really well.  The band certainly benefited from all the pre-production recordings over the winter.  Recording engineer, Mike Ofca, has been great throughout the process and we have tracked rhythm tracks for 9 songs.

“I’m having a fantastic time working with Steelesque. They’re all true professionals at what they do, and the vibe in the studio has been great. Creativity at its best!”

~ Mike Ofca – Producer/Engineer Innovation Studios

Drums sit beautifully in the mix right now and drummer, Bruce Virtue, played superbly. Most songs were tracked in less than 2 takes.  Same goes for the work bassist, Jerry Courtney, who’s ability to create a solid pocket really gives Steelesque their boogie. Tracking guitars for the next couple weeks.


Songlist…so far-

  • Fleet Don’t Lie
  • Keith Lights A Cigarette
  • Bury Them Bones
  • Seekin & Hiding
  • Ms Daisy
  • Mon River
  • Price Of Your Toll
  • Time Won’t Let You
  • Ferriswheel


Equipment List-

Amps- Louis Electric, Fender (Deville, EC Vibrochamp, 60’s VibroChamp) Mesa Boogie Guitars- Fender Telecasters (Standard-Custom) Gibson SG, Rickenbacker, PRS, Martin

Digidesign C|24 Console, Pro Tools HD 9 Native, Avid 16 x 16 Analog HD Interface


Check Steelesque out live on the following dates-



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