New Record Update

In the spirit of keeping folks in the loop….

We are very close to the end result.  Most all tracking has been completed at Innovation Studio.  Mike Ofca has sprinkled his expertise and pulled some absolute beautiful sounds for this record.  We will be completing all percussion and guitar leads in Sonic Planet Music to stay within our budget.

We went in and recorded 9 songs.  After a full effort we moved forward with 6.

  1. Bury Them Bones
  2. Keith Lights A Cigarette
  3. Mon River
  4. Price Of Your Toll
  5. Ferriswheel
  6. Seekin’ & Hidin’

Realistically, we plan on a spring release with shows to follow.  The record is currently titled “Toro Toro”.

This week we will continue to flush out percussion ideas with RonJon Castelluci.


See you all soon!

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