Dear Vermont Friends and Family

I walk into Mark Langlois’s garage on Linda Avenue, Swanton, Vermont. I step to the mic and the first chords of Satisfaction reverberate off the walls and Dave Yandow starts bashing on the drums….and that was it. I can’t remember the exact year maybe circa 1989. I knew right then I was hooked on rock… Read More Dear Vermont Friends and Family

Keith Richards Flys With “Wingless Angels”

As Richards likes to describe it, Wingless Angels make “marrow music.” As old as time itself, this is the Nyabinghi style—calling on the drum and voice to make music that cuts right to the bone, stripping away all but the essence, the raw and righteous spirit of the common people. Executive Produced by Keith Richards… Read More Keith Richards Flys With “Wingless Angels”

A Lucky Faze In LA?….Not For Lisa Marie Summerscales

ACTOR….a bit player, comedian, ham, headliner, impersonator, soubrette, stand-in, star, thespian, entertainer, character. However you want to describe her Lisa Marie Summerscales knew she wanted invoke some sort of emotion from people since the third grade. She is inspired by storytellers and this promising 22 year old has her own story to tell. You have to… Read More A Lucky Faze In LA?….Not For Lisa Marie Summerscales