Toro Toro Sessions – Steelesque

The Toro Toro Sessions have gone really well.  The band certainly benefited from all the pre-production recordings over the winter.  Recording engineer, Mike Ofca, has been great throughout the process and we have tracked rhythm tracks for 9 songs.

“I’m having a fantastic time working with Steelesque. They’re all true professionals at what they do, and the vibe in the studio has been great. Creativity at its best!”

~ Mike Ofca – Producer/Engineer Innovation Studios

Drums sit beautifully in the mix right now and drummer, Bruce Virtue, played superbly. Most songs were tracked in less than 2 takes.  Same goes for the work bassist, Jerry Courtney, who’s ability to create a solid pocket really gives Steelesque their boogie. Tracking guitars for the next couple weeks.


Songlist…so far-

  • Fleet Don’t Lie
  • Keith Lights A Cigarette
  • Bury Them Bones
  • Seekin & Hiding
  • Ms Daisy
  • Mon River
  • Price Of Your Toll
  • Time Won’t Let You
  • Ferriswheel


Equipment List-

Amps- Louis Electric, Fender (Deville, EC Vibrochamp, 60’s VibroChamp) Mesa Boogie Guitars- Fender Telecasters (Standard-Custom) Gibson SG, Rickenbacker, PRS, Martin

Digidesign C|24 Console, Pro Tools HD 9 Native, Avid 16 x 16 Analog HD Interface


Check Steelesque out live on the following dates-




Steelesque Frontman, Rob Eldridge “Feed The Wolf”

Thank You Adam PacMan Taylor galaxy454 for your very cool interpretation of a tune I recorded with Steven Foxbury Yellow Couch Studioa couple years ago. Tune is called “Feed The Wolf”. The entire record is available on vinyl and can be heard on most all streaming services and Apple Music Rob Eldridge- Ideas To Art. Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering. Dig in!
It’s not what you stare at – it’s more what you see
Knee deep in the different – our knees shake in the streams
I’m considered rich with my wants being cheap
Pockets full of stubborn – is all that you keep

Doesn’t matter if you feed the wolf
So feed the wolf
It’s never enough, never enough
And walk through his woods
Doesn’t matter if you feed the wolf
To a soft bed of pine
It’s never enough, never enough
Fingers through fur, so wild to the touch, together you’ll dine

Beneath all the skin – time flows through the heart
The fabric is wider and no seams come apart
Our feet walk to meet but stop at locked doors
It’s all set adrift in a boat with no oars

Steelesque Brings Entourage To Ohio

We are pleased and excited to work with Mike Ofca, at Innovation Studios, in Steubenville, OH. The Toro Toro sessions will officially move from Sonic Planet Studios.  We just felt we outgrew the process.  To make a proper rock and roll record we needed to find a space and an engineer that could capture the live essence of the band.  We learned more about the songs throughout the pre-production phase of the project.  I was very intrigued and opportunistic with the sounds coming out of Innovation Studios and the Avid 16 x 16 Analog HD Interface. Steelesque will begin tracking this Wednesday, Aug 10th. The Weirton, WV part of Steelesque have a good relationship w Mike Ofca and like the location of the studio.

Innovation Studios, founded in 2001 and owned by producer/engineer Mike Ofca, has earned a reputation for excellence, serving independent bands/artists and record companies with music recording and production services at competitive rates. Producer Mike Ofca is a seasoned veteran in the music recording world. He has over twenty years of professional experience and international credits, with client’s music in regular rotation on the radio and on television.