Steelesque is still in the promotional phase of the band’s new release “SongSwan”. Take a listen below.
Currently, Rob Eldridge has formed a side project with Sam Baldigowski called “The Warm Auction” TWAThese collection of songs start off as ideas for Steelesque but during the Covid-19 pandemic Eldridge decided to switch gears and TWA was born.
Robby Eldridge, songwriter, handles all instruments with an assist from Sam Baldigowski (lapsteel, pedal steel, mandolin). Essentially, whatever is created in the song lab is an idea for a new track. Songs from the Warm Auction are almost finished versions of songs that may or may not make a proper record or release. They are useable demos of new ideas we write and record. There’s mistakes, tempo issues and other miscues but songwriting is an imperfect process. The focus is on the melody, flow and the emotional connection with the listener.
SOLO RELEASE – ROOMS FULL OF GARDENS “.….Eldridge takes a break from the Stones infected throbbing of the band (Steelesque) and floats out on his own cloud of introspection in an album deceptively melodically svelte, all the while harboring a lyrical intimacy that pampers the intellect with its complexity, called Rooms Full Of Gardens…….he sprouts his lilting songs that pack the punch of a Nietzschean aphorism. It’s a delicious slither of a record, nectar sweet, slipping and sliding around the mind, even as it evokes a toe-tapping simplicity….Under the master rubric of observation, a veritable aquarium of ideas swim through the warm sunny streams”
Eldridge and his band, Steelesque, has had an impact on the Pittsburgh Music Scene providing support for the following bands/artists: The SheepdogsCracker, White Denim, Edgar Winter, The Fixx and Big Country.
See our tribute to The Rolling Stones guitarist and songwriter, Keith Richards here.
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“This Pittsburgh group takes its cues from “Exile on Main Street”-era Stones, which is a good place for any band to start. Steelesque adds a touch of heartland boogie and some earthy psych influences a la Phish……” Scott Mervis – Pittsburgh Post Gazette 

“A quick way to describe the sound of Steelesque is the word “Olympian,” both in the sense of athletic power-lifting and in the sense of large columns of marble (i.e. “rock”)……the predominant vibe of what emerges is an unapologetic rock-homage to rock-itself.” – Pittsburgh Music Magazine

“…a funked up Rolling Stones- Faces smooth rhythm and raunchy feel..outstanding lyrical sense with a tongue in cheek  mischievous humor” – A.Welding

“Steelesque have announced themselves in pretty much the same way as Mario Lemiuex did when he pulled on the famous Penguins jersey, intoxicating and pretty hard to ignore. The sound is rough, dirty and sensational and with a quality that introduces itself from the first electrifying note. The music is an invigorating mix of rock, upbeat blues and a dream that Pittsburgh should have something more to look forward to and in the E.P. Johnny on the Spot, Pittsburgh has got exactly that.”  Ian D. HallLiverpool Sound and Vision

“….. really brings the hooks with “Life Fast Wheel” with a catchy chorus and terrific rhythm work” –Power Popaholic

“Steelesque plays a Southern-influenced version of blues-rock reminiscent of acts like The Black Crowes. Throw in some Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper and catchy pop hooks that seem straight out of Ray Davies’ playbook, and you have Johnny on the Spot. The diverse influences are hardly distracting, though, as the band makes every song its own, establishing the EP as an original and cohesive collection of blues-rock” – Pittsburgh City Paper

“……… a Liverpool-esque ode to Brit rock, standing hand in hand with the post-punk heated strum and relentless wit of the ironic drums. Then there are moments of folk, post folk, pre folk – even Simon and Garfunkel – pretty much everything is reverberating around to come out with a surprisingly clear crisp exuberant joyride of inspired songs that keep the listener enthralled through the six-track offering.” Lisa Thatcher

“……The band’s guitar-drum core inspires convenient comparisons to similarly blues-informed duos such as the Black Keys and the White Stripes. But such critical folly misses the mark and overlooks the wide array of influences that bloom under Eldridge’s command. This is densely layered stuff, meticulously sculpted with clay mined from numerous locales along rock’s terra firma, from the latter-day jam of Phish to Rush-inspired prog and the occasional mascara-painted wink at David Bowie for good, glam-rock measure.” Dan BollesSeven Days- Vermont’s Independent Voice

“……….In a relatively short period of time, Eldridge has created a jam-filled blues rock sound that has put Steelesque on the map as a Steel City band to watch, and Eldridge as an influential artist within the city’s rock culture.”  Indie Rock Cafe

“……You know that feeling of soul-nourishing satisfaction you get after catching some freakishly good band delivering pulse thumping, original music?  In Wheeling, WV? Me either. Until this past summer, that is, when a group of guys part Pittsburgh, part Weirton–collectively calling themselves Steelesque–headlined the annual Italian Festival and smacked every music snob preconception right out of me.  Not only was I blown away, but it wasn’t lost that this band captivated the attention of thousands of festival goers–few of whom previously remotely familiar with Steelesque.  And they did it with not a single cover song.  When that happens, my friends, something’s going on. As someone who came of age in this northern panhandle land of country music and cover bands, I know this to be true. I was transfixed………”  Elle Reilly- Blogger-Photographer

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Steelesque has supported the following National/International Acts

White Denim-Cracker-The Sheepdogs-The Fixx- Big Wreck-The Tumbleweed Wanderers-Tea Leaf Green-Big Country

Steelesque Songwriter- Robby Eldridge has also supported

Government Mule-The Jayhawks-Blue Rodeo-Edgar Winter-Aimee Mann-Uncle Green-Members of Phish


w Jeff Tweedy of Wilco
w Jeff Tweedy of Wilco
with Field Report
with Field Report
w Adam Duritz
w Adam Duritz
w Black Joe Lewis
w Black Joe Lewis
w Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth
w Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth

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