Steelesque To Support White Denim

We can’t express how excited we are to support one the best bands out there.  If you haven’t explored their catalog you really should. White Denim is a force to be reckon with and their music is devastatingly awesome!

Steelesque will be supporting them Monday, July 18th @ Club Cafe.  The show is SOLD OUT!

We will be doing a Sunday show on July 17th.  See the details below.  Great line up!



Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Cracker show Friday night at Hard Rock!  We really appreciate the way you all get behind us and make it all worth it.  We work hard on our craft and put a lot of time into preparation.  The only thing more important than the gig is preparing to put it on.  Without you guys we don’t write, play or perform.  See you soon!

Tim next time…..