“Old Sounds, New Tools” by Leon Thompson

The Warm Auction arrives tomorrow….12.23.20.

Rob Eldridge Music

The year 2020 was a bane and boon to Robby Eldridge. The historic pandemic forced him and other American musicians to delay projects and tuck away their tour gear for who-knows-how-long. Frontmen like Eldridge, leader of Pittsburgh, PA’s popular rock outfit Steelesque, are starving for stages, and fans of live music are just as hungry. Not. Fair. At. All.

Fortunately, Eldridge is among those artists who looked at 2020’s offering of solitude as a gift. He conjured something new in the studio:The Warm Auction.

Currently, The Warm Auction is a four-song collaboration between Eldridge and Steelesque bandmate and friend Sam Baldigowski. The Warm Auction is still a work in progress — Will it be the name of the band or the album? — but Eldridge and Baldigowski have laid strong groundwork with quasi-completion of the first four songs, which they will release for public preview as an EP…

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