Cleaning After A 180 Day Music Listening Span

Old Mojo's and My 1972 Fender Tele-Photo by Rob Eldridge

I feel before I begin a new project I need to “clean house”.  Audio cleansing is a process that involves many factors.  One being what you’ve been listening to over the past couple months. Mainly because these sounds are extending their tentacles into your creative energy.  Think of it like this.  If you listen to the blues for a couple months you will have the tendency to compose music with some sort of blues influence.  That being said I am not an ‘one artist exclusive’ music listener.  I’ve spun the following artists over the past 180 days and may to go on an audio diet. So here’s my list of artists and a quick snippet of thoughts on each.

  1. The Black Crowes -Before The Frost…. Is an awesome CD recorded live at Levon Helms place.
  2. The Stones The Reissue of Exile On Main Street Absolutely spectacular…the bonus tracks fit well and sound great.
  3. The Black Keys – Brother Great production and songwriting…these guys keep getting better!
  4. Spoon – Kill The Moonlight Released in 2002 but still a sizzling record.
  5. John Lee Hooker – Hooker N Heat This record should be owned by any blues aficionado…just brilliant!
  6. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach This record is cool as hell.
  7. Jimi Hendrix- Valleys Of Neptune – Great production,tracks stand alone and great playing by James Marshall.
  8. Artic Monkeys – Humbug This record doesn’t hold the weight it was hyped up “whatever people say…” it’s much better.

There’s my latest jukebox man.  If you click on each link you can listen to most of the songs from each artist. So while I put these on the shelf I encourage you to take them off yours.  I’m on a diet and opening the studio real soon.

Sealed with Wax,


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